You’ve spoken! Meet the Disrupt 2024 breakout session audience choice winners

TechCrunch Disrupt showcases cutting-edge technology and innovation, and this year’s edition will not disappoint. Among thousands of insightful breakout session submissions for this year’s Audience Choice program, five breakout sessions have soared to the top and were selected by thousands of people from around the globe to speak at this year’s event. Without further ado, let’s meet the 2024 Audience Choice breakout sessions winners who will be speaking in October!

Bringing the outside in: Connecting startups with large banks to power the future of finance

The future of finance will hinge on collaboration between traditional institutions and agile startups. Led by Arvind Purushotham (Citi Ventures), Ari Tuchman (Quantifind), and Kartik Mani (Citi Retail Services), this session will delve into Citi Ventures’ pioneering approach to bridging the gap between large banks and the startup ecosystem. Attendees will gain insights into fostering innovation while managing risk, unlocking the potential for groundbreaking advancements in fintech and beyond.

Generative AI: Beyond the hype — building real-world applications

Generative AI captures imaginations with its ability to create diverse content, but its practical applications are where its true potential lies. Priyanka Vergadia (Google) will guide attendees on a journey into the realm of generative AI, demystifying its capabilities and exploring real-world use cases across industries. This session will show innovators how to harness the transformative power of generative AI to solve complex problems and drive meaningful innovation.

How AI is supercharging tools for knowledge workers

The convergence of artificial intelligence and professional services is set to revolutionize the way knowledge workers operate. Led by industry luminaries Harpinder Singh (Innovation Endeavors), Tanguy Chau (Paxton AI), Scott Dietzen (Augment), and Luke McGartland (Sequence), this panel will explore how AI can transform mundane tasks, liberating workers to focus on creativity and innovation. Attendees will gain a deeper understanding of the future landscape of work, where productivity will be amplified and boundaries will be redefined.

How to stand out amongst the AI wave: Strategies for success in enterprise sales

In a world inundated with AI solutions, standing out in enterprise sales will be a formidable challenge. Rudina Seseri (Glasswing Ventures) and Marc Boroditsky (Cloudflare) will illuminate strategies for navigating this landscape, offering invaluable advice on product differentiation and understanding enterprise needs. Attendees will discover the keys to unlocking success in the AI revolution, learning to discern genuine interest from mere curiosity in the ever-evolving enterprise market.

The age of technical, engineering founders: How they are driving AI innovation

In the age of AI, technical prowess will be a driving force behind innovation. Christine Yen (Honeycomb), Anand Babu Periasamy (MinIO), Prukalpa Sankar (Atlan), and Tom Carter (Ultraleap) will highlight the pivotal role of engineering founders in shaping the AI landscape. From Honeycomb to Ultraleap, these leaders will share their insights on the importance of technical expertise and the unique challenges and opportunities faced by engineering-led startups.

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