We Should Ask Britney Spears for Bubblegum Perfume Oh Wait, She Already Has One

You may know already or you may know but Britney Spears Candied Fantasy is coming soon and it has bubblegum notes (and it better be a hell of a lot better than Kayali Vanilla Candy Rock Sugar). Early last month, news dropped that Britney was releasing a new version of Fantasy and it would be a sweet, fruity number with notes of cupcake and bubble gum! This is the 36th perfume in Britney Spear’s little Fragrance Empire and fans are expecting some sort of wonderful from the latest release.

Britney Spears Candied Fantasy starts out with notes of bubblegum, juicy strawberry, and orange. Shut the hell up! I don’t even need to hear the rest! I want this now! It has a heart of floral notes with pink hibiscus, jasmine sambac, and lily of the valley. And it ends on a gourmand note with musk, sandalwood, and pink cupcake accord. Sigh….! I’m in love and I haven’t even sniffled this yet.

Britney’s last big release was Jungle Fantasy that launched for Summer 2023 in late August. We don’t yet have a date for Candied Fantasy but it might just followed with the Jungle Fantasy launch and arrive in August. I do wish they would drop this soon as it sounds like a sweet treat for Summer. I can be a bit snobby when it comes to celeb fragrances but there are a few that wriggle themselves into my collection and Britney’s are in there. I’ll absolutely purchase Candied Fantasy when it arrives this Summer. I can’t wait to smell it. How about you?

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