Thought To Be 2-Week-Old Kittens Struggle In Shelter Environment

Grace Choi, the founder of The Happy Kitty Rescue in Los Angeles, California, is a dedicated foster and rescue advocate who has saved many cats and kittens from the unforgiving realities of street life. One day, a local shelter reached out to her about a trio of 2-week-old kittens needing a nurturing foster home. Grace immediately went to collect the three tiny kittens—two calico sisters and their tuxedo brother—who were found in poor condition, smeared with feces and barely active. Grace shared on her Instagram: “They had been in that cage for over a week and were clearly declining in a shelter environment. They were covered/caked in their own feces, lethargic, and depressed…”

Often, shelter volunteers are stretched too thin to give round-the-clock care needed by such young kittens. Once home, Grace set out to care for them and discovered something astonishing during a closer examination. Contrary to the shelter’s belief that they were between 2-3 weeks old, Grace found that their premolars had already emerged, indicating they were at least 5 weeks old. She noted in a post, “I was absolutely shocked because they are so tiny!!” They weighed only as much as a healthy 2-week-old should, a sign of significant health issues. The kittens suffered from severe gastrointestinal problems and persistent diarrhea, making weight gain difficult.

The immediate next step was giving the kittens a much-needed bath to clean off the excrement. After they were clean, Grace took them to the vet to address any underlying health issues possibly causing their stomach problems. Fortunately, all tests came back negative, and the kittens were sent home with a range of probiotics.

Grace affectionately named the kittens Matcha, Boba, and Strawberry, and they were as sweet as their names suggest. Despite ongoing issues with diarrhea, their energy levels began to improve, as Grace updated: “Their diarrhea isn’t improving as fast as I would hope, but their energy levels are improving each day!”

Over time, the kittens’ health stabilized, and they began to showcase their distinct personalities. Boba was shy and reserved, Strawberry was spirited and often sparred playfully with her siblings, while Matcha was vocal, frequently seeking Grace’s attention for cuddles. Matcha formed a special bond with another foster kitten, Pumpkin, and the pair became inseparable.

Ultimately, when it came time to find forever homes, Pumpkin and Matcha were adopted together by someone who fell in love with both, ensuring they would stay in the same loving home. Boba and Strawberry, whose bond was evident as they were inseparable in everything they did, also found a home together. Grace shared, “We would love to find a home for them together, as they are bonded. Strawberry will cry out if her sister isn’t nearby. They are always at least a few feet from one another…” Soon after, they, too, were adopted by parents who decided they couldn’t bear to separate them.

For Grace, while it was hard to say goodbye, she was overjoyed that the kittens went from a cold, daunting shelter to a warm and loving forever home.

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