This Is My Pettiest Beauty Pet Peeve of The Moment

Ok, dig deep. I want to hear your pettiest beauty pet peeve. If you want to be salty about a brand that’s ticking you off, do it here! Or if you just want to rant about the fact that drugstore makeup pricing has been insane lately, we can chat about that, too.

As for me, well, this is my pettiest beauty pet peeve of the moment (I promise no Influencers were harmed in the making of this post).

Ok, so I feel guilty and crappy about writing this, but it needs to be said so I can move on. I hate this weird trend of influencers acting like they invented the wheel. What I mean is they act like everything old is something THEY discovered. Glass skin? A Tiktoker discovered that. Korean beauty? That Makeup Tiktoker was the one that made it go viral. Baby Lips Lip Balm has a pH formula with a perfect shade of pink when applied! BRAND NEW, NEVER BEFORE SEEN INNOVATION that was discovered by a Tiktoker.

Yeah, sorry, I sound mean, bitchy, and petty, but I’m so tired of these new rounds of influencers who had like they just invented the wheel. These products, application methods, hacks, and beauty secrets have been around since the dawn of time. You did NOT discover them! Stop trying to take credit for someone else’s work. Not to mention it’s rather frustrating to listen to these people talk about how they love beauty and have since they came out of the womb but proceed to act like they’ve never heard of certain brands, products, or makeup techniques before. It’s bizarre.

I started the blog in 2007 and soon after that was covering many different Korean brands. The fact that everyone is now acting like a BB Cushion is some sort of brand new product they discovered sort of makes me rage. Come on, do the leg work, BB Cushions are not a new thing.

So yeah, I realize I’m pretty but this is my beauty pet peeve of the moment. Do share yours! I’d love to hear!

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