These Juicy Scents Are Now Available

As you know from my prior post Commodity launched three new strawberry and raspberry scents! If you’re interested in trying these they are now available in both the full-size and travel-sprays at!

Commodity Juice+ Bold Eau de Parfum (Amberwood, Raspberry Pulp, Rhubarb)
Juice Expressive Eau de Parfum (Strawberry, Raspberry Pulp, Rhubarb)
Juice Personal Eau de Parfum (Strawberry, Raspberry Pulp, Rhubarb, Fresh Violet Leaf)

I was going to get full-sizes but I decided to check out the travel-sprays first. The reviews coming in are really positive in the fragrance community so, I’m pretty hyped to try these.

Let me know if you get one (or all of them)!

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