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The Canon EOS R5 Mark II is now in the hands of people outside of the closed testing circle of Canon. We have now seen some images of the camera, but cannot post them in any way shape or form. This is standard practice for us, but I’m sure other sites will be posting images in the near future. Or we will get permission to do so.

We are able to confirm some information about the camera with 100% certainty. A full specifications list is not available to us at this time. If one comes in, we will post it if we’re given permission to do so by the source.

Canon has actively focused on cooling solutions with the EOS R5 Mark II. There are now two new vents on the body itself to help dissipate heat. We cannot report at this time how this affects the weather sealing of the camera, but there are lots of ways to solve that problem as we see in other tech products

Active cooling will be supplied by an external cooling grip, we have mentioned this before and we have seen the patents. It sounds like a very good solution. We have no word on pricing, but we hope Canon doesn’t do Canon things in that regard.

Ergonomically, the changes are minor, but well thought-out.

The EOS R5 Mark II has a lot of new video focused features and in some ways will go beyond the capabilities of the EOS R5 C. There are going to be a lot of additional “AI” video features added to the software in the camera. From what we have seen and been told, we don’t think a follow-up to the EOS R5 C will be in the cards.

There will also be “AI” features geared towards sports and wildlife photographers. We would like more articulate wording on how these features work, as to not report things that may not be explained correctly.

All of the previously reported core specifications are pretty much correct. Eye control AF from the EOS R3, 45mp, 30fps max burst rate etc. We can assure you, this is not an “evolutionary” successor to the EOS R5 as we have seen from Canon from the DSLR days. We’re not going to use the “R” word, but bravo.

As of today, the price is set at $3999 USD. We do not have confirmed pricing in any other currency. The EOS R5 launched at $3899 USD if you were wondering.

We will actively work to get permission to post more detailed information as soon as we can.

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