The Best Dell Deals for July 2024

As temperatures start soaring, prices are dropping during the Dell Summer sale. You’re going to see deep discounts on the retailer’s most popular products, including laptops, desktops, monitors, and computer accessories.

But first, here are some important specs to keep in mind when shopping for a new rig:

  • CPU—the Central Processing Unit is the brain of your computer, enabling it to execute instructions. The more powerful, the better.

  • GPU—the Graphics Processing Unit isn’t important to just gamers. The GPU performs parallel operations and is essential for smooth decoding as well as rendering 3D videos and animation.

  • RAMRandom Access Memory is the temporary workspace where instructions are executed and data are processed. All program execution and data processing takes place here, so if you’ve got a lot of tabs and applications open simultaneously, you’ll want more GBs.

  • HDD/SSDhard drives and solid state drives have external versions if you’re not comfortable with opening up your tower or laptop. These are therefore the easiest to expand, so they’re less pressing in terms of consideration.  

With those in mind, these are the best deals we could find on Dell and Alienware products:

The Dell XPS 8960 has the chops for work and play thanks to a powerful Intel i7 CPU and an RTX 3050 GPU. The modern tower supports up to 64GB of RAM for those who need more and the 512GB SSD is a good starting point for saving all your files and games.

One of the cons our expert listed in his review of a similar Alienware x16 R2 configuration is the price, so this huge $800 discount makes this model more enticing. He continues on to applaud the thin, premium design, sharp display, and customizable RGB lighting for keys, touchpad, and the chassis—all of which make this laptop a great choice for gamers looking for a powerful, but still portable system. The 32GB of RAM is beneficial to creatives as well, pairing with the Intel Ultra 9 CPU to run resource-intensive programs and multitask without breaking a sweat.

Recommended by Our Editors

This no-frills, 24-inch monitor makes a great secondary display without breaking the bank. It has a 1080p resolution for crisp HD visuals while you’re browsing the web and producing documents and you can connect your devices via VGA and HDMI ports. The included stand allows you to tilt the screen to maximize your viewing comfort, plus ComfortView minimizes harmful blue light emissions.

More Dell Deals to Consider

*Deals are selected by our commerce team


Is Dell a Good Brand?

Dell was the first brand to legitimize direct sales of PCs by mail order and to provide quality telephone support. It was also the first major manufacturer to pre-load applications selected by the customer. The company has been around for a long time (since 1984) and has the quality, reliability, and know-how to back up its broad line of hardware.

What’s the Best Dell Computer?

That depends on how you’re going to use it. The Dell XPS 8960 desktop is best for most buyers as a high-end desktop, while the Alienware Aurora R16 is the best midrange gaming desktop, according to our experts. The XPS 16 (9640) laptop is the best replacement for your desktop while the Dell Precision 5680 makes an incredible mobile workstation. You can find more recommendations in our Best Dell Laptops

Does Dell Have a Student Discount?

Yes, Dell offers a student purchase program, in which students can secure an exclusive coupon for 5% off, which is valid in combination with select offers—excluding other coupons. A student email address is required.

Which Dell Model Is Best for Students?

We recommend the Dell XPS 13 for students as it’s durably made, lightweight, and reasonably priced for what you’re getting. You can check out more our picks in our Best Laptops for College Students article.

How Do We Test Computers?

Laptops and desktops are compared to others in their category on the basis of price, features, design, and hands-on, repeatable performance tests. They’re also run through a cocktail of benchmark tests and real-world applications to test the strengths and weaknesses of the individual components. You can find more information about laptop testing and desktop testing in their associated articles.

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