The Best Deal at the End of the Day: Sony SRS-XP700 Bluetooth Speaker

Summer is the time of year associated with unbearable heat and unpredictable rain showers, sure, but there are also BBQs and afternoons spent lounging poolside with some cool drinks and some hot tunes. Are you ready to kick off the outdoor gathering season?

Get ready with the Sony SRS-XP700F bluetooth speaker which is water-resistant and karaoke-ready, making them an invaluable asset at your gatherings both indoors and outdoors. In his review, our expert rated the Sony SRS-XP700F bluetooth speaker highly for its powerful bass and bright highs as well as the built-in LED lightshow that is sure to take your gathering to the next level. One of the very few drawbacks was its size: measuring 27.4 by 12.4 by 14.5 inches and weighing almost 40 pounds, you won’t exactly be able to take the party with you. This hefty device can withstand light splashes and misting and, in terms of sheer sound, isn’t one you’ll want to skip. Did I mention it has karaoke inputs (guitar and mic)? Now it’s a party.

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Sony SRS-XP700 Bluetooth Speaker

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