Test reel roundup: Video samples you may have missed: Digital Photography Review

We’ve been pretty busy testing cameras over the past few weeks, and these days, camera testing usually includes shooting video samples to evaluate video quality.

You can find these samples in our recent or upcoming camera reviews, but here’s a quick roundup of video test reels we’ve shot recently for those who may have missed them.

Sony a9 III

Sony’s a9 III is the first mirrorless camera to feature a global shutter, which is exciting to many videographers. But what about video quality? Check out this sample reel by former DPReview editor Carey Rose to see how it performs.

Fujifilm X100VI

Fujifilm announced the much-anticipated X100VI rangefinder-style camera at an event in February. DPReview editor Richard Butler was present at the camera’s launch in Japan and shared this overview of the camera from the streets of Tokyo.

Panasonic S5II / S5IIX

The Panasonic S5II landed on our doorstep just as we learned of our parent company’s intention to close DPReview in 2023, and we’ve been looking for an opportunity to shoehorn it back into our testing calendar ever since we joined Gear Patrol last summer. The good news: we finally managed to block out time to finish our review of the camera.

For this video test reel, shot with the S5IIX, editor Dale Baskin picked a maritime theme and took the camera to Seattle’s Lake Washington Ship Canal, Fisherman’s Terminal and Ballard Locks to capture samples in a variety of of settings.

Panasonic G9 II

The long-awaited Panasonic G9 II is an impressive camera for both stills and video. Former editor Jeff Keller, who still writes for DPReview and authored our Panasonic G9 II review, took the camera to the Bloedel Reserve, a forest garden near Seattle, to capture this video reel.

Nikon Zf

The Nikon Zf may look like a film camera from the 1980s, but it’s a capable video tool. For this sample video, Richard Butler followed a friend on a ferry trip across Puget Sound to Bainbridge Island to visit a favorite haunt for fish and chips.

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