Sunday? Your regular crossword is here!

A new Sunday drops in, and along with it, a new crossword on The Phoblographer. This time, we’re directing the theme towards portraits and all that surrounds them. Or ever surrounded them. Care to try? Sit in your comfiest chair and give it a go! As always, the first one to finish will get a telepathic pat in the back from yours truly.

The Phoblographer realizes that, as a publication, we don’t always have to be so serious. So, each weekend, we work to bring you a bit of fun in our Humor section and through our Crosswords. Inspired by some of the classic political cartoons and offerings of other publications, we’re tapping into some of the things that only photographers love to laugh about. And we’re turning those into cartoons and crossword puzzles that we think you’ll want to share with lots of the rest of your friends in the photo community. Yes, we believe and hope that you have friends in the photo world.

You can expect to see these cartoons once a week on Saturdays and crosswords every Sunday for as long as we keep doing this.

Most of all, however, we hope that they bring you joy, even for at least a little bit. Ideally, they’ll bring you joy in a way that you recognize. Sometimes, you may moan. At other times, you’ll probably roll your eyes. There’s nothing wrong with genuinely showing off a bit of a laugh or a smile.

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