Spilled Milk Is No Match for Dyson’s Pricey Wash G1 Cordless Stick Mop

At a glance, Dyson’s latest floor-cleaning machine looks like one of its popular cordless stick vacuums, but the Wash G1 doesn’t have any suction mechanisms. Instead, it uses water and agitation to mop your hard floors.

Launching today for $699.99, the Dyson Wash G1 features separate clean and dirty water tanks, two counter-rotating brush rolls that are scraped and refreshed with clean water as they spin, a 500-micron mesh to capture debris, and a self-cleaning cycle for the end of the process.

While it looks light, the Dyson Wash G1 weighs just over 12 pounds with a full 27-ounce tank of clean water. The water tank and the built-in battery purportedly have enough capacity to let you mop 3,100 square feet without a refill and recharge.

(Credit: Dyson)

When you’re done, the Wash G1’s included charging station facilitates the self-cleaning cycle so the mop is always ready for your next mess. The self-cleaning cycle rinses out the inner parts, but you’ll need to manually dump the dirty water from the separate tank nestled just below the clean water.

While the Dyson Wash G1 isn’t intended to replace your vacuum, it can capture some debris. It separates any collected debris from the dirty water as it works and deposits the particles into a small tray between the rollers. You’ll also need to dump out this tray between runs.

The Wash G1 will let you select from three different hydration levels depending on how thoroughly you need to scrub a spot. Water is distributed to the absorbent microfiber rolls at 26 different points. The rollers also spin and clean themselves 250 times per minute. You can optionally add a compatible cleaning solution to the water tank if you want, but Dyson says you won’t need to unless you’re cleaning up an oil stain specifically, as the combination of water and agitation should take care of most grime.

Would You Pay $700 for a Mop?

As usual with Dyson, the Wash G1’s price feels steep, though the utility of a stick mop is somewhat unique. Tineco plans to launch a competing model called the Floor One Stretch S6 Smart Cordless Floor Washer for $599 this month, and of course, robot mops can wash your floors with little effort on your part.

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Dyson is also competing with itself to an extent here. For $949.99, you can get the Dyson V15 Detect stick vacuum with a Submarine head that wet mops floors. The Submarine only has one roller, and can’t cover as much ground as the Wash G1 in one pass, but it can switch back to being a stick vacuum.

We’ll test the Dyson Wash G1 soon to figure out if it’s worth the steep price. In the meantime, if you want your floors scrubbed automatically, check out our favorite robot mops.

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