Sony RX100 VIII coming by the end of 2024? – sonyalpharumors

I received an indiscretion from an anonymous tipster that I would not normally dare to publish. Until two years ago I would never have believed that Sony would make a new successor to the RX100 VII. But nowadays there is a sudden great demand (and hype) for compact digital cameras. And I think it is no longer crazy to believe that Sony could update the current RX10VII making it appealing to the younger generation of “creatives” (a good word for TikTokker and Instagrammers). They could include some Ai and Vlogger functions and use a new lens to replace the 24-200 mm range. I see a 20-70 mm lens much more ideal for narcissistic “creators” 🙂

But now tell me what you think: Would a new RX100VIII make sense? Is it something you would consider purchasing?


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