SIRUI C150X Pocket Light Introduced – 150W, V-Mount Battery Plate, Handle, and More

SIRUI has come out with the C150X, a hand-held pocket light that packs 150W of power, four different power supply options, multiple lighting effects, and most conveniently – a handle. Because it’s small and light enough to fit in your pocket, it’s a handy option for run-and-gun shooting, so let’s have a look!

SIRUI is a Chinese company that is known for making a wide range of photography, videography, and outdoor shooting gear. If you haven’t seen our factory tour on them yet, you should check it out here. Recently, we’ve written about their Sniper lenses for APS-C cameras and their Nightwalker Cine lenses, and now they’ve come out with the C150X pocket light. I’ve learned to appreciate the smaller things that make life easier on a project as well, so items like this are always worth checking out.

Run-and-gun shooting. Source: SIRUI

Bright, light, and small

It’s small at only 140x97x53mm/5.5×3.8×2.1 in and weighs just 450g/1 lb Bare light illuminance is 5310 Lux@1m, and with the reflector, that’s increased to 24,000 Lux@1m. A very nice addition to this light is the handle and the fact it has support for a V-mount battery.

The SIRUI C150X handle. Source: SIRUI

SIRUI C150X – specs

  • Max Input Power: 150W
  • Light Body Dimensions: 140x97x53mm / 5.5×3.8×2 in
  • Weight: 450g/1.0lb
  • CCT: 2800-6500K
  • CRI: CRI(Ra) 95.5-97 TLCI 98
  • Illuminance: 5310 Lux@1m
  • Illuminance with Reflector: 24000 Lux@1m
  • Voltage Input Range: 100-240V
  • Power Supply: Adapter, V-Mount battery, Type C, Power Bank
  • Bluetooth Remote Control Distance: 15m
Optional V-mount battery plate. Source: SIRUI

Remote control and power supply

There are four ways to power the SIRUI C150X Pocket Light. The DC adapter power supply comes with a 2-meter input line and a 4-meter output line (long enough so you can place it overhead). You can also power the light directly using an optional V-mount battery plate (supports a 14.8 and a 26V battery), or you can use a PD Type C power line instead of an adapter. And finally, you can purchase an optional power bank (PD 30W, 60W, 100W) to charge the C150X.

SIRUI Light Control App. Source: SIRUI

CCT, intensity, and light effects can be controlled through Bluetooth using the SIRUI Light Control App.

Noise levels and temperature control

Four fan modes supply steady heat dissipation – OFF (silent), AUTO (the fan adjusts according to the temperature), M (Max power 100W – optimized for sound-sensitive environments), and H (Max power 150W, 26dB).

SIRUI C150X Pocket Light – effects

The C150X offers 12 lighting effects: Fire, Broken Bulb, Lightning, Flash, CCT recycle, Explode, SOS, Candle, Electrowelding, Pulse, Firework, and TV.

Quick one-step setup via locating pin and threaded hole. Source: SIRUI

SIRUI C150X Pocket Light – accessories

A quick setup tilt head is included with a 1/4″ 20-threaded hole, as is the handle that makes the light very simple and efficient to use. A reflector is also included, which increases illuminance to 25700 Lux@1m.

Additional accessories are also available for purchase – a V-mount battery plate, a Bowens mount adapter (1.7kg / 3.74lb max load), and a mini Quick Setup softbox.

The alternatives

Although the C150X looks like the perfect option for many, there are still a couple of alternatives we can look at. The first is the ZHIYUN MOLUS X100, released in 2023. It’s dimmable and slightly smaller than the C150X and weighs less at 0.8 lbs, but the output is 100W max, power options are more limited, and the fan is not adjustable. There is a Music Mode that times the lights to the beat of the music. It is slightly less expensive at $199 and includes a reflector, power adapter, and cable. It’s also available as a combo set for $289 that includes an X100 grip battery and Bowens mount adapter B, or a pro set that includes the above, as well as a mini softbox with grid for $329.

The second one you might want to look at is the COLBOR Wonder W100 Bi-Color LED Monolight, part of a set of 4 compact LED lights introduced at CP+ this year. The unit is slightly larger and weighs 0.8 lbs. There is a battery grip for this light, but it is still 100W compared to the 150W of the C150X, so it depends on your needs. A reflector, diffusion dome, COB cover protector, and AC to DC adapter are included for $169, or there is a kit available for $267.95 that includes the battery grip.

Price and availability

The SIRUI C150X Pocket Light is available now either as the light only or in a kit that includes the V-mount battery plate unit and clamp, plus the Bowens mount adapter. The light alone is $219, and the kit is $249.

Have a look at the SIRUI website here for more details.

Would you have a use for this pocket light in your kit? What do you use for lighting in these kinds of scenarios? Let us know in the comments!

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