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Reuters selects Sony cameras for its worldwide video group equipment
Reuters’s global network of on location reporters will be using the Alpha 7S III and PXW-Z280 cameras starting this year to bring world events to everyone

UAE, Dubai – Sony is delighted to announce that Reuters, one of the largest news agencies in the world, has selected Alpha and XDCAM cameras, G Master lenses and audio equipment to equip its video journalists across the world. The fleet will be using Alpha 7S III, and PXW-Z280 as their main shooting kit, paired with UWP-D wireless audio.

Since its launch, the Alpha 7S III has established itself as a go to camera for on location content creators needing a compact form factor and exceptional picture quality. In this instance, the advanced autofocus performance for hybrid use, together with its outstanding low light performance were key features in Reuters’ decision making. Sony’s E-Mount strategy will also provide journalists with the flexibility to capture images in their truest form, when perfectly paired with the vast options of Sony lenses of their choosing., including the SEL2470GM2.

The PXW-Z280 has become an industry standard, thanks to its ease of use, electronic variable ND filter and Sony’s Instant HDR workflow, eliminating the need for colour grading. Its advanced network features and multiple format support means it can easily, securely, and wirelessly fit into a cloud-based news gathering workflow.

Both cameras benefit for the connectivity features needed to easily connect to the cloud for seamless and reliable content transfer, from the capture location back to the remote broadcast unit, particularly critical for news gathering, with its emphasis on speed.

The cameras and associated equipment started shipping to 23 Reuters locations across the world from April 2024.

This investment from Reuters is a testament to the long-standing relationship between Reuters Sony, powered by Sony’s in-depth knowledge of on the terrain requirement from journalists and Reuters mission to provide timely and quality news. Sony’s Media Backbone Hive is already in use at Reuters as its main multi-platform news production system.


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