Panasonic LUMIX GH7 to Support ARRI LogC3 Log Recording

The new Panasonic LUMIX GH7 will support ARRI LogC3 recording in 10-bit video modes. The feature can be unlocked through the purchase of an optional upgrade key ($199.99). The image processing of ARRI LogC3 in the LUMIX GH7 was certified by ARRI.

The new Micro Four Thirds video flagship camera from Panasonic, the LUMIX GH7, has just been announced. You can read all about it in our separate article right here. Panasonic, however, prepared a notorious “one more thing” kind of news for us. The company just announced that they licensed the ARRI LogC3 for the LUMIX GH7. This sounds exciting! Let’s take a quick look at the details.

ARRI LogC3 on Panasonic LUMIX GH7

ARRI LogC3 (logarithmic gamma curve to preserve more dynamic range and increase flexibility for post-production, simplified explanation) is used on ARRI cameras, and as the name implies, it is the third generation of ARRI Log. For instance, the latest ARRI ALEXA 35 already uses ARRI LogC4.

Unlike Panasonic’s own V-Log, the support for ARRI LogC3 will not be included in the camera for free (which makes sense because most GH7 users probably won’t ever need it). To get it, one will need to purchase a separate software upgrade key (DMW-SFU3A).

Panasonic says the image processing of the ARRI LogC3 curve on LUMIX GH7 has been certified by ARRI for the implementation of this function. The ARRI LogC3 can be used on the LUMIX GH7 for 10-bit recording modes in Creative Video mode.

The footage shot with the ARRI LogC3 on the GH7 can be easily converted to any look from the ARRI look library (you can check out the ARRI Look simulator here.) It is also possible to store the LUT package for 709 conversion (ARRI Look Library LogC3 to Rec709 3D-LUTs) in the LUT Library of the LUMIX GH7 and combine it with the REAL TIME LUT function to capture videos with ARRI LUTs straight out of the camera.

With the addition of the ARRI LogC3, the GH7 might become a viable option for special use cases (crash cam, drone cam, etc) on productions using ARRI ALEXA cameras. Panasonic claims that the ARRI LogC3 in the LUMIX GH7 employs a curve that conforms to the standard sensitivity of ISO 800 of the ARRI camera.

Last but not least, the upgrade key for ARRI LogC3 will also work on the previous model, LUMIX GH6 (with the exemption of the REAL TIME LUT function.)

Price and availability

The Panasonic LUMIX GH7 will start shipping in July 2024, and the price has been set to $2,197.99 / €1,961.23 for the body only. The kit, which includes a 12-60mm f/2.8-4 lens, will be priced at $2,797.99 / €2,450.65. The optional DMW-SFU3A upgrade key will be sold for $199.99.

What do you think about the new LUMIX GH7 so far? Do you think this might be a suitable crash cam (drone cam) for productions shooting ARRI ALEXA cameras? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section underneath the article.

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