ORIGIN PC GENESIS wins PCMAG Editor’s Choice

"Fierce Performance, Top-notch hardware." -PC MAG Editor's Choice

May 2, 2024 | By Anthony

If you’re on the search for the ultimate gaming PC, don’t overlook the ORIGIN PC GENESIS which recently won PCMAG Editor’s Choice. Offering flagship performance and nearly endless customization options, the GENESIS can be loaded up with the hardware of your choice to meet your needs. PCMAG praised the GENESIS for its fierce performance, stylish case, high-end hardware, and liquid cooling for both the CPU and GPU.

The GENESIS PCMAG reviewed features the CORSAIR 6500X, a new dual-chamber design that offers neat organization and unique style. In their words “it affords brilliant, unobstructed views of your system behind the tempered-glass side and front panels.” However, if you prefer a more traditional design, the GENESIS can be customized with a mid-tower 5000X or full-tower 7000X instead. For improved cooling and airflow, you can also choose a 5000D Airflow or 7000D Airflow case. Aside from the spacious interiors, these cases all provide a plethora of connectivity options to attach any peripherals you need to elevate your gaming experience.

Most importantly, however, is the option to add on powerful hardware that can crunch out the highest frame rates so you can enjoy games in 4K. The GENESIS offers up to an Intel Core i9-14900K processor and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090 graphics card. Play games at peak quality and take advantage of high speeds for an advantage in competitive multiplayer games. What differentiates the GENESIS from other systems is its built in HydroX liquid cooling. Innovative technology helps even the strongest hardware run smoothly by controlling temperatures with reliable cooling. You can even add on an abundance of high-performance storage and memory by CORSAIR, leaving your system well prepared for the future – save any games, files, and videos without worries about running out of space.

There are plenty of reasons to have a custom PC built, including the reduced stress of not having to assemble it yourself. ORIGIN PC also offers world-class 24/7 US-based support so you can game worry-free. Learn more about ORIGIN PC and the latest news at originpc.com where you can customize your own GENESIS gaming desktop!

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