New 200x Mobile Camera Module Converts a Smartphone into a Telescope

The Beaverlab Excope DT1 is a telescopic lens designed for mobile filmmaking that can capture images from as far as 400mm away.

It combines advanced optics design with the latest generation of digital imaging technology to achieve up to 400mm focal length with full HDR and AI-powered image processing, resulting in sharp and colorful images.

Image Credit – BeaverLabs

The DT1 telescopic lens module is a more independent camera than the lens. It works with any smartphone, but it is specifically created to take advantage of the next-generation 48 MP image sensors.

The Exope DT1 is currently available on Kickstarter and features an independent 1/1.8” CMOS image sensor and a custom real-time image processing algorithm to produce a 4K HDR image that has the ideal light and color optimization.

Additionally, it uses AI to produce the ideal background defocusing without clipping the image or losing detail in the shadows.

The Excope DT1 also incorporates electronic image stabilization based on gyro sensor metadata to effectively reduce any lens shake that is all too common with an extended focal length in this range.

The image processing technology also incorporates noise deduction technology which can digitally zoom up to 200x while keeping the image even sharper, replacing details lost from such a long telescopic throw.

The optical focal length is listed as 36x with an aperture of F/8.

In low light, the Excope DT1 promises to gather over 247 times the light of competing optics with a 99 percent transmittance.

This is accomplished by the mirror-reflecting reflex design that maintains an optical resolution of 1.27. The lens has 12 independent layer coatings to combat fringing and distortion.

The DT1 app offers six separate shooting modes, including Moon Mode, Landscape Mode, Portrait Mode, Sports Mode, Night Mode, and Cloudy mode.

Beaverlab’s developers are also working on the development of additional modes that can be deployed in unique conditions to give content creators even more creative options.

Image Credit – BeaverLabs

The camera control provides control of ISO, White Balance, and exposure compensation, as well as photo editing for contrast, saturation, cropping, and image sharpness.

4K video shooting is also available, turning the iPhone into a heavy hitter for capturing nature photography and documentary footage out in the wild. Burst capturing at high speed of up to 25 frames per second from far away is also supported.

Image Credit – BeaverLabs

When connected to WiFi or USB, real-time data transfer to the cloud is both secure and quick. The telescopic module has a 3000 mAh rechargeable battery which can be topped off in a short time thanks to a fast-charging USB-C connection.

The camera module also has 64GB of internal storage and a wireless transmission rate of 150 Mbps. The module also weighs just .6 kg (1.32 pounds).

Pricing and availability

With a planned retail price of $379, the Beaverlabs Excope DT1 can be picked up by backing the early bird Kickstarter campaign at $219, a 43% savings.

There is also a two-lens kit that includes both the 400mm telescopic lens and the wider, 40mm lens as well. Shipping is expected to begin in July 2024.

Users can back the campaign on Kickstarter.

[source: Beaverlabs]

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