My Favorite Espresso Machine Is Just $110 Right Now

As a mom of a toddler, I need caffeine to get me through the day and I prefer it in the form of a latte. As a gift last year, I received this Gevi espresso machine, which makes lattes that rival what I can get at my favorite coffee shop. And the best part is I don’t have to get myself and my 1-year-old ready to leave the house. It’s currently on sale for $110 right now, and it’s a great Mother’s Day gift.

How I use the Gevi espresso machine

The Gevi is easy to use once you get the hang of using it to craft your favorite drink. If you’re an avid latte drinker, I recommend finding a homemade recipe for whatever sauce you like — for instance, caramel or vanilla. I always add the caramel first, then brew the espresso over it so it blends well. Then I pour the steamed milk through the center. (You’ll need a milk frothing pitcher — I have this one.) It tastes exactly the same as when the coffee shop makes it, but I just make mine less sweet.

Pro tip: Don’t forget to clean your steam wand after every single use. If you don’t, expect to chisel away at dried up milk — yeah, it’s as gross as it sounds. Also, if your steam wand isn’t working, insert the steam wand cleaning pin into the outlet to clear it out. 

Why I like having an espresso machine at home

Now that I have an espresso machine at home, instead of spending $35 each week on fancy coffee drinks, I buy a bag of ground espresso beans for $20 every few weeks. I do recommend buying a canister to keep your coffee grounds fresh — this is the one I bought. Also, if you don’t have espresso cups, these are a great option

I’ve now had the Gevi espresso machine for nearly a year now, and I’m still impressed with it. 

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