Makeup Revolution Bright Light Blush Drops Review & Swatches

Makeup Revolution Bright Light Blush Drops is a new liquid blush infused with moisturizing ingredients like squalane and grapeseed oil. This is Makeup Revolution’s dupe of Drunk Elephant’s O-Bloos Rosi Drops but their version has a delightful luminous finish!

Makeup Revolution Bright Light Blush is quite a delightful little pick for effortless Summer color that gives cheeks a natural rosy peachy glow. Let’s take a look at some swatches and my review below!

Makeup Revolution Bright Light Blush Drops launched alongside Bright Light Glow Drops and Bright Light Bronzing Drops and all three products can be mixed and used together to create a beautiful Summer glow. I just purchased the Bright Light Blush Drops as I rarely used liquid highlighter or bronzer but if you are looking for more affordable versions of Drunk Elephant Bronzing Drops and B-Goldi Bright Drops which are $30 each these might fit the bill. I’m surprised E.L.F. didn’t jump on this bandwagon as they already introduced Bronzing Drops for $12 which are 1 oz in size and that’s a bit competitive to the Makeup Revolution ones which are the same size but a bit smaller at 0.77 oz in size. E.L.F. just went in on the Bronzing Drops; no liquid highlighter or blush appears in the works right now. I’d very much like to see some blush drops from E.L.F. but let’s get down the Makeup Revolution ones right now!

Makeup Revolution Bright Light Blush Drops come in a squeeze tube which I found very easy to squeeze to release just the right amount of product. I was concerned this bottle might become messy if air became trapped in it (think Tatcha Sunscreen) but thankfully, it’s holding strong and I’m able to get just the right amount of product out of the tube mess-free every time I use it.

They market the shade as a peachy rose with a radiance finish. The shade is more of a nude dusky pinkish rose, but it has a very slight peachiness on the cheeks. It’s also, advertised as a liquid blush but I thought it was more of a creamy consistency that wasn’t runny or watery. It was a nice balance of a thicker liquid cream. It has a very refreshing and moisturizing finish that’s dewy but doesn’t look slick or oily on my cheeks. Considering how moisturizing this formula is you’ll find it looks super smooth and natural as it doesn’t adhere to dry areas. If you have textured skin you’ll likely still have a very good finish as the moisture prevents it from looking caky or dry. It has a very nice texture.

It does have a touch of radiance that isn’t shimmery or glittery. It looks very natural but is difficult to achieve when it comes to a radiant or glowy finish. This looks like naturally glowing skin. The wear time is around four hours for me before it disappears. It may wear a bit longer if you set it with powder but I’m not a powder user. Sadly, I do like more impact with my blush! I WISH this was a bit more pigmented! I will say it’s a lot more pigmented than the Drunk Elephant version but it’s still very sheer. I had to apply a few drops to get it to appear on my cheeks. If you’re fairer it might be perfect but if you have light to medium or darker skin tones (particularly medium or darker) you might be disappointed in the pigment level.

Makeup Revolution is a hit-or-miss experience for me but they did a nice job with Bright Light Blush Drops. I did deduct a few stars on this one because I wanted it more pigmented and also, the wear time was a bit shorter. But I think the formula is very nice and applied easily and looked very pretty on my cheeks!

Makeup Revolution Bright Light Blush Drops are available now!

Where to buy

Ulta Makeup Revolution

Makeup Revolution Bright Light Blush Drops is a new single shade blush liquid cream blush formula that’s $12 and 0.77 oz in size. This blush comes in an easy-to-use squeeze tube that distributes just the right amount of product. The formula is a nice, thicker creamy consistency that has a refreshing, lightly hydrating formula that applies with very little effort and blends out beautifully smooth without adhering to drier areas. It should work great on texture skin as well since the formula has a nice moisturizing grip on skin giving it a smooth look. It is sheerer and will look best on fairer tones but it builds up a bit more if you apply a few more drops. It can’t be overdone no matter how much you apply and remains very natural with a radiant finish. It lasts for around four hours.


  • Effortless application and blending.
  • Moisturizing formula.
  • Looks smooth and natural on cheeks.
  • Pretty hint of radiance.


  • Shorter wear time.
  • Not quite pigmented enough for medium or darker tones.

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