Kitten Found In A Bush Picks Puppy To Be Her Family

A tiny kitten, her eyes crusted shut and body infested with fleas, was discovered crying outside, nestled in a bush by a church. She was anemic, cold, and hungry, a pitiful sight that spurred a call to Paula Montgomery, a dedicated foster volunteer with the Animal Welfare League of Arlington. The kitten, merely three weeks old and desperately needing care, found a savior in Paula, who promptly named her Grace. Grace’s condition was dire due to the severe flea infestation. The first order of business for Paula was a thorough cleaning.

Following a much-needed bath and flea treatment, Grace could finally relax, nestling into a warm incubator to catch up on much-needed sleep. “She was so exhausted that she was asleep before her head hit her pillow,” Paula recalled. Under Paula’s diligent care, Grace was fed every three hours, and her appetite and energy levels gradually improved. Soon, the kitten regained her strength and zest, becoming lively and craving interaction and play. Paula made her a cozy nest in a basket lined with soft blankets and a warming pad.

At this time, Paula was also fostering Ralfie, a puppy from another rescue organization. Ralfie’s curiosity was piqued by Grace’s squeaky meows, which he heard with his large, floppy ears. “He was so curious about Grace and the feeling was mutual.” Despite her wobbly legs, Grace boldly approached him as if he were a long-lost sibling.

Ralfie, considerably larger but still tender in age, was gentle with Grace, nudging her with his nose and tenderly washing her face. His patience and nurturing nature showed through, as he seemed to instinctively understand Grace’s vulnerabilities, likely reflecting his own rescue background.

The bond between Ralfie and Grace blossomed swiftly, the pair becoming inseparable as if destined to be siblings. They shared their days playing, snuggling, grooming each other, and napping together. Despite her small size, Grace was full of sass, often pouncing on Ralfie to initiate play or nibbling on his leg to display her playful prowess.

Ralfie reveled in his time with Grace, his happiest moments spent in her company. He lovingly tolerated all her antics, embracing her completely. This special relationship between the two showcased the beauty of interspecies friendships, where care and understanding transcended their differences, illustrating the profound bonds that can form in the face of shared adversities.

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