Keep Your Lawn Pristine for Only $100 With This Worx Lawn Edger at Best Buy

Lawn care can be tricky, especially in this heat. That’s why it’s important to find ways to make yard work more efficient and quick. If you live in a place with a yard or garden, then a lawn edger can help you keep your home looking perfectly manicured — and right now there’s an option for only $100 at Best Buy. That’s a discount of $30 over the usual price of the Worx lawn edger tool. This deal is only available today, June 18 and is subject to change at 9:59 pm PST.

At roughly 14 pounds, this lawn edger is easy for most people to use in areas that could use the extra upkeep. It features a 7.5-inch blade and cutting line indicator that makes it easier to use even for gardeners who are learning their way around a garden. It’s also 52 inches long which makes it easier for anyone to stand comfortably when it’s time to take care of the yard. 

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Keep in mind that you’ll have to assemble this lawn edger yourself following the instructions on the manual. The serrated blade is removable so you can unclog it after you’ve done your yard work. It’s also relatively easy to replace, but extra blades are sold separately. 

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