How to choose the right processor for your build – Better than Wikipedia

to choose the right processor for your build – Better than Wikipedia

The first thing
required while making a PC is choosing the right processor. It is because the
processor will lead to all the other parts of the computer like Motherboard,
RAM, and GPU, etc. It is the most important thing in a computer. For choosing
your processor you are having two options: One is AMD and the other one is in
Intel. The Intel option has been on the top from a lot of time and AMD has been
neglected by people but right now AMD Ryzen CPUs are rocking the market. It is
because they provide a lot of cores and threads for a much cheaper price
compared to Intel. They are very good for editing and workstation tasks. So
when you are building an editing pc I would always recommend choosing an AMD
Ryzen processor. The Intel option provides a much better single-threaded
performance than the AMD counterpart. Today’s games cannot fully use the 6
cores and 8 cores of AMD processors as they are not so much optimized. So, the
Intel processors take a lead in the gaming market as they provide a much better
single threaded performance. So, I will be recommending you to go for the Intel
option while making a gaming pc. Today we going to tell you about the Intel
series of processors. Although it is a very long explanation of the Intel
series processors, we have tried to offer this “pages long”
information in a summarized and easy to understand manner.

Intel offers Three Types of processor series. That is i3,
i5, and i7. Recently a new option has also been introduced to the market called

Most of the i3 processors are dual-core processors. They
Offer good gaming and normal usage for an acceptable price. The i3 processors are
available from around 8000 to 13000Rs in the Indian market. The i3 8100 is the
most commonly used of these.

Something below the level of i3 is Pentium processors.
These are really cheap and are suitable for really tight budget builds. Pentium
processors are available in the price range of 3000INR to 8000 INR. The most
common of all are the Pentium G4560, G5400, and the


The i5 processor is the main choice when people decide to
build a gaming computer. Most of the i5 processors have 6 cores and 6 threads
which are optimal for best FPSs in games. These also offer good workstation and
editing performance. These processes cost around 14 to 25000 in Indian market
or $150 $250.  My recommendation will be
the i5 9400F as it is the cheapest of all the i5 processors and still offers
best-in-class performance.

The i7 Processors are
the King of gaming as well as editing all over the world. They offer the best
performance in gaming as well as workstation tasks. But keep in mind that they
cost a lot of money so most of the people are not able to afford
this and are left with i5 processors. These processors are used by most
professional computer experts. They Cost around 25000 rupees to 40000 rupees in
the Indian market.

I9 processor is the top tier processing power of computers.
They boast a large no.  of processes and threads ranging from 8 to 18.
Often they are called beasts for the high performance they offer. Actually, these are the best of the best you can get in the consumer market.  But like the i7 processors, they also cost a
lot of money. For instance i9 9900k cost around 50000 in India or $500 in the USA.

Currently, all the Intel processors are based on the 14nm node.
Due to this old 14nm process, most of the processors utilize a lot of power and
also heat up very quickly. Pentiu So, I would recommend good cooling solutions
for your processor.

m, i3, and i5 are able to handle the load due
to fewer cores but the i7 and i9 processors get heated up very quickly.

P.S. Most of the Intel processors are not unlocked so you are not able to overclock them. Only some of them are unlocked for overclocking. Overclocking refers to an increase in the clock speed of the processor. The Clock speed is measured in Hertz. Each Megahertz increase in The clock of the processor will result in better performance. So overclocking has
become more popular nowadays. If the processors are locked then, even a single
hertz cannot be increased to the base/boost clock speed. The unlocked processes have
“K” written at last of the model number. The “Intel Core i5
9600K” and the “Intel Core i9 9900K” are some of the examples of
unlocked processors. The Unlocked processors cost a lot more than the locked
counterparts. Overclocking also requires good cooling solutions for the
processor so that stable temperatures are obtained with higher clock speeds.
This is the reason we see liquid cooling in most of the “Ultra” Gaming

This summarizes us with the Intel processors but be sure to
check out the AMD series as

AMD Series CPUs are going to dominate Intel in
future. And that is because of a lot of reasons. So be sure to read our easy to
understand articles and become a PC nerd.

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