Hard Candy Moods Shadow Paint Are Under $4 Bucks

Look out About-Face because Hard Candy Moods Shadow Paint about to steal your thunder. And their doing it for under $4 bucks! Hard Candy cream shadow available in eight vibrant shades (and a few neutrals) that promises a smudge and sweet-proof formula. These super pigmented matte shadow paints can be used as a primer to intensify your favorite powder eyeshadows or you can use them as an all over shadow and even as a liner! Mix and match shades to create a fun look for the Summer. The sponge applicator makes it easy to swipe, blend, and go!

Shades include:

  • Halo (matte beige)
  • Cake (matte mauve)
  • Rich (matte dark brown)
  • Babe (matte hot pink)
  • Trip (matte neon green)
  • Hype (matte aqua)
  • Idol (matte blue)
  • Vibe (matte purple)

    I absolutely love a good cream shadow moment and I’m especially a fan of matte ones as I get older. The About-Face ones are lovely and affordable at $16 but these Hard Candy ones are even sweeter at $3.98 each! That’s a crazy good price and if the formula is good that makes them and even nicer budget beauty pick up!

    Hard Candy Moods Shadow Paint are available now at Walmart.

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