Gaming PC Build Rs.50000 In India For 1080p Very High 75+FPS i5

Hi people, Today we present you the Gaming Pc Build In India under Rs.50000. If you want to know this build is going to be an Intel-based build and all links are from mdcomputers through which you can bet the best prices so let’s get started!

So the Components of this build are as follows.

  1. Processor: For the processor, we are choosing the Intel i5 9400F as its a gaming-centric build. The greater single thread performance gives it a lead against AMD in games. It’s just a slightly factory overclocked version of the Intel i5 8400 but without an integrated GPU. The integrated GPU is not going to be any problem as we are choosing a much powerful dedicated GPU in this Build!
  2. The motherboard:  MSI B360M PRO-VDH Motherboard (Intel Socket 1151/8th Generation Core Series CPU/Max 64GB DDR4-2666MHz Memory). It has all the necessary components required and should not cause any problem with the selected components!
  3. The RAM: G.Skill F4-3000C16S-8GVRB Ripjaws V Series 8GB DDR4 3000MHz. We are choosing 2 of this RAMsticks which would be equal to 16GB 3000Mhz.
  4. The GPU(s): Here we have an option between two GPUs: The Rx570 or the Gtx 10603gb. The Rx 570 GPU is good for most esports games and Vulkan API games while the Gtx 1060 3gb is good for games like GTA 5 and Assassins Creed series. Both of them are of the same prices. 
  5. The Hard Drive: WESTERN DIGITAL DESKTOP HARD DRIVE 2TB BLUE (WD20EZRZ). It’s a 2TB hard drive and it will be good for everyday usage.
  6. The Power Supply: CORSAIR CX450 SMPS – 450 Watt 80 Plus Bronze Certification PSU With Active PFC. 450W power supply because the i5 8400 is a locked processor so you won’t be able to overclock and 450W is enough for the GTX 1060 3gb. But if you choose the RX 570 then you must upgrade to a 550W power supply as the RX card takes so much power.
  7. The Cabinet: CORSAIR SPEC-ALPHA (ATX) Mid Tower Cabinet – With Transparent Side Panel (White/Red).  

So We Finished with the basic components and you can always add extras like RGB fans and all. I have not added a monitor and other peripherals because every person has a different taste with peripherals. NOTE: I recommend you to choose your own cabinet/case according to your requirements.
Now let’s get to the prices of these parts! NOTE: During the time I was writing this build the there was an offer with inteli5 9400F with which RS.1000 discount was given if it was bundled with Asus gtx 1060 3gb or Asus Strix 570 4gb. So in the image Gtx 1060, 3gb is bundled with i5 9400F.
The final price of this build comes roughly Rs.51000. You can even add an SSD as it is now an essential component these days!
Sorry for the low-quality screenshot though 🙂

Please comment below for any suggestions!

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