FUJIFILM X-Summit Coming Up – What to Expect?

The next FUJIFILM X-Summit introducing new products is right around the corner. On May 16, 2024, at 3 pm AEST, new FUJIFILM gear will be announced. From the short Instagram reel that was posted by FUJIFILM Australia, are those two new cameras and two new lenses that we are seeing?

The X-Summit has traditionally been FUJIFILM’s way of announcing new products. In recent years, X-Summit has been shared in the form of a produced, live-streamed video. During the last X-Summit in Tokyo in February 2024, the company announced the FUJIFILM X100VI – a fixed lens APS-C camera that has seemingly become quite popular next to firmware updates for many cameras.

X-Summit Sydney – May 16

The next X-Summit is coming very soon, this time from Sydney, Australia. The next round of FUJIFILM products will be announced on Thursday, May 16, 2024, at 3 pm AEST. This translates to 7 am CEST (in Europe), or 1 am ET (New York time). The YouTube link to the live stream has not been published yet, but we will embed it here as soon as it appears.

In terms of what to expect from FUJIFILM on Thursday, there have only been a few mysterious hints so far. A few days ago, FUJIFILM Australia posted a short teaser reel on their Instagram account.

Judging from these few dark scenes, it seems as if FUJIFILM might be announcing two cameras and two lenses. We can see the shapes of these new products in one of the scenes.

Teased new products. Source: FUJIFILM

Furthermore, we can clearly recognize a physical dial with FUJIFILM’s film simulations. (First ever in a FUJIFILM camera)!

Teased new products. Source: FUJIFILM

Additionally, FUJIFILM Australia posted a short, behind-the-scenes reel on their Instagram account. It seems like it’s showing the production of the upcoming X-Summit video, but as far as I could tell, there were no hidden easter eggs as to what new FUJIFILM products will be announced on Thursday.

X-Summit consumer experience

In addition to the livestream X-Summit video that will premiere worldwide on May 16, 2024, there will also be a physical event in Sydney, Australia, called the FUJIFILM X-Summit Consumer Experience. It will be the first event offering hands-on experience with the newly announced FUJIFILM products.

X-Summit consumer experience event in Sydney. Source: FUJIFILM

Furthermore, FUJIFILM photographers will share their experiences with the audience at the event. If you wish to personally attend the consumer experience event in Sydney, you need to complete an online registration.

Do you use FUJIFILM gear for your work? What do you expect FUJIFILM to release during the upcoming X-Summit? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section underneath the article.

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