DZOFilm Arles T/1.4 Prime Cine 5-Lens Set Announced

DZOfilm is releasing a brand-new line of T/1.4 FF/VV cine lenses – the DZOFilm Arles. Currently consisting of five primes, including 25mm, 35mm, 50mm, 75mm, and 100mm, the Arles line opts for a clinical look, emphasizing the highest technical qualities. All five lenses are mechanically consistent. Weight varies a bit, but dimensions are identical, with 95mm front diameter and 0.8 pitch gears aligned across all lenses. The cherry on top is the bright T1.4 aperture, enabling an extremely shallow depth of field and excellent light-gathering capability throughout the line.

We’ve seen quite some cine sets join the market in recent years. Various new manufacturers try to master the complex craft (sometimes even art) of lens making, providing us filmmakers with an incredible abundance. Most sets seem to take the “character” approach, glorifying optical flaws as a feature rather than a bug. DZOFilm chose the second approach with their Arles line – the technical, clinical approach. This line competes with the likes of NiSi ATHENA and SIGMA Art Cine lines, as well as more traditional sets from ZEISS and others.

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Build and ergonomics

All DZOFilm Arles primes share identical dimensions. Encased in a black aluminum chassis with geared focus and aperture rings, the lenses can be easily swapped. Weight revolves around 1600g/3.52 lbs., with the 25mm T/1.4 being the lightest at 1490g/3.28 lbs. The 100mm T/1.4 is the heaviest at 1830g/4.03 lbs. All lenses share a 95mm front diameter, 121mm length for the PL version, and 129mm length for the EF version. The Arles lenses will use PL mount as a default with the EF as an extra. Mounts are user-swappable. Another nice touch is user-swappable markings for your choice of metric or imperial focus distance scales.

Source: DZOFilm Arles

Optical traits

All the DZOFilm Arles lenses use a rather complex optical design and are relatively large as a result. These designs are all aimed at ensuring highly corrected projection with minimal distortions and aberrations. The line is designed to maintain a consistent look across all focal lengths. These are all manufacturer’s claims, and we’ll try to get our hands on the set to confirm them. However, the sample footage looks fairly good in that regard.

Source: CineD


There are several options for a technical, clinical cine line around. The NiSi ATHENA line is about a stop slower but compensates with a lower price tag. For about the same price as the Arles 5-lens set, you can get an 8-lens set, ranging from 14mm to 135mm. SIGMA Cine Art is considerably pricier, with a 5-lens set priced at $19,000, but still relatively affordable compared with other manufacturers. SIGMA’s reputation and experience may be the extra for some of us. If reputation is important, you should also check the ZEISS Nano Prime line. This line will only work with Sony E-Mount though.

Price and availability

All DZOFilm Arles lenses are available for order. The 5-Lens set will set you back $9,699 at B&H or €9178.14 at CVP (ex. VAT). Each lens will cost $2,149 / €2,038.67 (ex. VAT).

Does the DZOFilm Arles T/1.4 prime hit a sweet spot for your creative needs? Will you consider getting them or opt for a different set? Let us know in the comments.

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