Chris Niccols: Just How GOOD are Voigtlander Lenses?

I do own BOTH Voigtlander lenses tested by Chris in this Video:

I have a lot of experience with both lenses and can only HIGHLY recommend them! As a manual photographer for many years, I love these lenses because:

  1. They are fast but still way more compact than comparable autofocus lenses. So at the end it’s easy to carry them with you always (particularly the 40mm lens)
  2. The Image Quality and Character is truly superb
  3. Should outlast autofocus lenses

The 40 mm lens fits better in the bag, so I use it more often. And I generally like the 40mm focal length more than the 50mm focal length anyway. Still, the f/1.0 is addictive… it gives you an extra punch of closeness sometimes, which I really like. So I think you can really justify owning both!



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