Canon announces the RF 35mm F1.4 L VCM lens: Digital Photography Review

Image: Canon

Canon has announced the RF 35mm F1.4 L VCM lens, the first release in what the company says will become a full series of fixed-focal-length RF lenses with a hybrid design for stills and video, which are intended to work with both EOS photo and Cinema EOS cameras.

The RF 35mm F1.4 L VCM becomes the widest prime lens in Canon’s L-series. Its optical formula consists of 14 elements in 11 groups, including two specialized aspherical lens elements and two ultra-low Dispersion glass elements.

The lens also benefits from Canon’s Super Spectra Coating, Air Sphere Coating, and fluorine coating. It has 11 aperture blades. Autofocus is driven by a voice coil motor (VCM), a type of linear motor, for quick, precise focusing.

Size-wise, the lens is 99.3mm (3.9″) long and has a diameter of 76.5mm (3.0″), making it both shorter and skinnier than Canon’s EF 35mm F1.4L II USM, and it weighs in much lighter at 555g (20 oz) compared to 760g (27 oz) for the EF version.

Image: Canon

Like the RF 24-105mm F2.8 L IS USM Z announced last fall, Canon says it specifically designed the RF 35mm F1.4 L VCM to be a true hybrid stills/video lens in acknowledgment of the new multimedia production demands many professional creatives face today.

As such, the new 35mm prime also features a manual aperture ring, similar to the F 24-105mm F2.8 L, which allows for stepless control of the aperture/iris. Additionally, the lens is designed to minimize focus breathing. It’s also compatible with Canon’s newly announced, native RF-mouth EOS C400 cinema camera.

Pricing and availability

The Canon RF 35mm F1.4 L VCM is expected to be available in June at an estimated retail price of $1,499. It includes a case, lens cap, dust cap and lens hood.

Press release:


New Portable Speedlite with New Multi-Function Shoe Design Also Available

MELVILLE, N.Y., – June 5, 2024 — Canon U.S.A., Inc., a leader in digital imaging solutions, today announced the RF35mm F1.4 L VCM lens and Speedlite EL-10 flash. The new RF35mm lens is the first in a series of fixed focal length RF lenses with hybrid video and still design, and the Speedlite EL-10 integrates with Canon’s new multi-function shoe design, for users of recent Canon EOS cameras.

Answering the needs of many professional high-level photographers, the new RF35m F1.4 L VCM lens can be looked upon as a standard lens for video and still users — for example, those who use the EOS R5 and EOS C70 cameras. This lens is the beginning of a new hybrid lens series and with its fixed focal length, fills a gap as there is not a fixed focal length lens wider than 50mm in the L-series — until now. Ideal for low-light, the RF35mm F1.4 L VCM lens features a manual iris (aperture) ring which helps provide better control when shooting movies.

The lens allows very little focus “breathing” as focus is moved, and it’s highlighted by two Aspherical lens elements and two ultra-low Dispersion glass elements. Overall, this lens has the outstanding L-series optical design many professionals have grown accustomed to. In addition, the lens can be used with the newly announced Canon EOS C400 cinema camera, further reinforcing Canon’s full support of the video market.

“The new RF35mm F1.4 L VCM lens is the answer for high-level video in the mirrorless market – while also providing still-imaging storytellers the durability and optical performance that is synonymous with Canon lenses,” said Brian Mahar, senior vice president & general manager, Canon U.S.A., Inc.

The Speedlite EL-10 flash is designed for the amateur photographer who is stepping into the mirrorless world, and the veteran user who is looking to get reacquainted with flash photography.

The multi-function shoe helps the still imagery storyteller by providing immediate access to the flash control menu, and either an on-camera EL-10 or the optional super-compact Speedlite Transmitter ST-E10 assists with triggering from one through up to fifteen off-camera flashes2.

The Speedlite EL-10 is a radio-based wireless flash with 2nd-curtain sync capabilities, and leverages four AA batteries instead of a separate battery that requires charging — making operation more streamlined for some users. In addition, it features a Custom Flash Mode function, allowing the end-user to register and store up to three sets of flash settings, and is approximately the same size and weight as its predecessor the Speedlite 430EX-III RT — while also pushing out the same amount of power. Automatic balanced fill flash is a key benefit to using flash photography, whether during daytime or low-light with slow shutter speed, and the Speedlite EL-10 is an excellent gear bag addition to achieve that creative look in one’s photos.

“Flash photography is a simple yet versatile way to add drama to one’s photos and with Canon’s steadfast commitment to reliability, the Speedlite EL-10 provides a full-circle Canon shooting experience,” continued Brian Mahar, senior vice president & general manager, Canon U.S.A., Inc.

Price & Availability

RF35mm F1.4 L VCM lens is expected to be available in June for an estimated retail piece of $1,499.00 and the Speedlite EL-10 is also expected to be available in June for an estimated retail price of $249.99*.

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