Austin Pets Alive! | USPS Embraces Our Furry Friends with ‘Love…

Jan 21, 2023

In a nod to America’s great affection for furry friends, the United States Postal Service unveiled two new ‘Love Forever’ stamps.  The stamp dedication took place at the Austin Pets Alive! Texas animal shelter, with adoptable pets available for the event, allowing participants and attendees to see the animals receive and benefit from the love of the community. 

The stamps display illustrations of a puppy and a kitten with their paws lightly resting on a red heart, perfectly timed for Valentine’s Day.  USPS said each forever stamp is intended to evoke feelings of warmth and playfulness. They can add sentiment and whimsy to letters, birthday or graduation cards, baby shower invitations or thank you notes.

“The kitten and puppy rest their front paws on a large red
heart, which perfectly captures the love we have for these special
creatures, and their love for us in return,” said Judy de Torok, vice
president of Corporate Relations for the Postal Service. , who served
as the ceremony’s opening official and is a pet lover. “I have a
feeling these may be some of our most popular labels.”

Also participating in the event were Dr. Ellen Jefferson, president and CEO of Austin Pets Alive!; Kelly Holt, Senior Manager of Austin Pets Alive! cat program; Richard Scott, volunteer dog behavior specialist with the rescue and Matt Beisner, star of “Dog: Impossible” on Disney+.

APA! officials hope the stamps will encourage people to support their local animal shelters.

hope is that anyone who’s watching this or a part of this will share what’s happening in Austin and share the success of animals
being saved in city shelters across the country.” Ellen Jefferson said.

Customers can purchase the stamps through the online postal store or at their local post office

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