Austin Pets Alive! | Join us in the rebrand for Bob “Clef” Schneider!

Apr 09, 2024

You may have seen him on the website, you may have seen him on social media. You may have even seen him on the Fierce Whiskers
“Take Me Home” bottle of whiskey!! But Clef keeps getting passed by and
we all keep wondering, what do we do to get this boy in his adoptive
home? Why not try something new? 🎶”I have seen the end of the world and it looks like this.” Change
is comin’ and Clef is ready to reinvent himself! He’s taken to Bob
Schneider’s music to help him through his soul-searching. No, he’s not
stealing a famous musician’s identity –simply modeling himself after a
popular Austinite we all know and love.

Join us in the rebrand for Bob “Clef” Schneider!

✔️ A new name

✔️ A new look (We mean… the look is all in his head… We can’t do too much with this gorgeous boy’s appearance)

___ A new life. His foster home has been *chef’s kiss* but it’s time for him to find his adoptive place..

it from the OG Bob Schneider — “It’s alright to let your hair down and
let your heart out.” And consider adopting Bob “Clef” Schneider so that
he can see that having an adoptive family is

“the way
life’s supposed to be.” And then you can look into these pupper’s eyes
and sing “You’ll never be what you will never be, but you can always be
the one for me, baby.”

Head over to his bio to
meet Bob ‘Clef’ Schneider-the dog, the myth, the musician. He’s ready.
He’s ready to lay his heart on his sleeve and try a new life. Are you
ready for him? (Or do you know someone who is?)

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