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May 09, 2023

At Austin Pets Alive! our mission is to help all dogs and cats find safe places to live and keep them off euthanasia lists. Our innovative Barn Cat program is designed to help a special population of felines: the free-spirited “working” outdoor cat.

These special cats are not socialized to cuddle and sit on laps. They have spent their lives living in the great outdoors. These kitties end up at shelters for various reasons. For example: they were living in or around a construction zone. The construction area isn’t safe for them, so they are trapped and taken to a shelter. Because they aren’t able to thrive in a home environment, they are often slated for euthanasia when they arrive at an animal shelter. APA!’s Barn Cat program recognizes that these feisty felines have developed important skills that could be beneficial to local homeowners, landowners as well as businesses who need pest control assistance. Give them shelter, food, water, and in return they will “critter hunt” for you, chasing away vermin like mice and snakes.

Our barn cats are spayed or neutered, vaccinated and microchipped and ready to start earning their keep. They just need to be placed in a safe and appropriate environment such as a barn, stable, garage, or warehouse where they can put their skills to work. The Barn Cat Program is a win-win for all who are involved and is now being utilized by shelters and communities across the country!

Interested in adopting a barn cat and housing some of APA!’s most lovable free spirits?

Check out the Barn Cat Adoption FAQ and fill out the Barn Cat Adoption Interest form here.

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