A Bear and a Cat at Folsom City Zoo

Sometimes, friends come from the most unlikely places. This is true for both people and animals. At Folsom City Zoo, something surprising happened. An elderly brown bear named Sequoia, who weighs 550 pounds, found a stray cat in her enclosure one day. The cat, also old, decided to stay at the zoo because there was plenty of food.

Image Source Credit via YouTube

The zookeepers noticed the cat eating the dog food they left for Sequoia. So, they started putting out cat food too. Sequoia didn’t mind the new visitor, and soon the stray cat, now named Little Bear, made the zoo his home. The two animals don’t get too close but seem to like each other’s company. They enjoy relaxing in the shade together, especially since both are in their later years and prefer a calm life.

Some zoo visitors love seeing Little Bear with Sequoia, but others worry about the cat’s safety. One young boy said, “I thought he was gonna be eaten by the bear.” He also said, “I don’t get how that would possibly ever happen,” when asked about their friendship. Despite the worries, Sequoia and Little Bear are happier together. Cats are known to be stubborn, and once they decide on something, they usually get their way. Little Bear wanted to stay at the zoo and get along with Sequoia.

Image Source Credit via YouTube

Little Bear was tough from living as a stray and probably had to fight to survive. Maybe Sequoia sensed this and decided it was best to leave the cat alone. Sequoia, wanting a peaceful retirement, was not interested in fighting either. Now, they live peacefully together.

Whether you want to see this unique friendship or other animals like monkeys, lions, or kinkajous, the Folsom City Zoo is a great place to visit for the whole family.

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