6 Tips to Keep Your Senior Dogs Happy & Comfortable

Senior Dogs

Ask any senior dog owner and they will tell you how adorable the companionship is with an aged dog. Senior dogs don’t bother much since they lead a sedentary lifestyle and will be happy to curl up at your feet all day long. Besides, they don’t have problems from high energy like puppies.

Here in this blog, you will see six highly effective tips on how you can keep your senior dogs happy and comfortable.

Senior dogs often experience pain in their elbows, shoulders, spine, neck etc. This makes them vulnerable to injuries, especially if they are jumping down from surfaces. This is why an accessory like a dog ramp can come in extremely handy for owners having aged dogs. Dog ramps help your senior dogs to go up and down from beds, furniture etc safely and comfortably. However, you may need to train them a little bit to use a ramp. Take the help of dog treats in training sessions to make the dogs learn your commands faster.

  • Provide a Comfortable Dog Bed

Having a comfortable place to rest is important for the general wellness of senior dogs. Unlike puppies and adult dogs, it is hard for aged dogs to lie down on hard floors as it can put pressure on sore joints. This is why a cosy bed can act as a lifesaver for senior dogs. With the number of choices available for dog beds, it can be quite overwhelming to select an ideal one. Although you can choose one which is relatively easy to clean and is durable as well.

  • Give Your Dogs Access to Comfortable Areas

Aged dogs are more exposed to extreme temperatures. For instance, cold temperatures can worsen achy joints and put your dogs at risk of hypothermia. On the other hand, when the temperature is too hot, the senior dogs may also get a heatstroke. Hence, your aged dogs must stay in a temperature-controlled shelter to keep up a normal body temperature. Give them access to certain corners of the house, which are comfortable and safe to rest.

Senior dogs often experience cervical disc issues, back problems front-end lameness etc. This makes it highly difficult for them to bend down and eat their food. In this scenario, providing them with an elevated feeder would help them to have their food without stooping. An elevated feeder creates an easier and safer way for your dogs to enjoy their meals while keeping their neck in a more neutral position.

  • Offer Extra Grooming Sessions

Regularly grooming your senior dogs helps them to stay in fine health. As they age, it becomes difficult for them to reach every area of their body while self-grooming. This can make their hair exposed to tangling and matting.  This is why grooming sessions can help a lot in preventing these issues while keeping excellent skin and coat health as well. Besides, regular grooming also lets you inspect any injuries, lumps or bumps on your dog’s skin which can get quite dangerous for the dogs.

Studies have shown that as dogs age, their teeth become more sensitive and exposed to infections, which in turn puts them at risk of heart disease, kidney disease etc. Hence it is important to pay attention to your dog’s dental health. To keep your dog’s teeth in fine health, use a fine dog toothpaste for brushing. You may also use water dental additives that effectively inhibit bacterial growth, freshen breath and prevent the build-up of Tartar and Plaque buildup.

In Short,

These are six highly effective tips that will help you keep your senior dogs happy, healthy and comfortable. Remember to give your dog loads of love and affection, just like they offered you in their peak years. Your love and care will go a long way in keeping excellent health in them, adding more years of joy to your companionship.902

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